Natural-Lavender-Anti-Dandruff -Shampoo-for-Oily -Hair

´´Goodbye DANDRUFF and OILY hair´´ with Anti- Dandruff Natural Shampoo by InaEssentials

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Questions like: which shampoo can get my hair straighter, stronger, or silkier? Can it do more than just wash my hair? which is my perfect fit?

We have the answer and solution to your problems! Let’s first understand the problem and its causes so you can agree on why to choose InaEssentials above everyone else!

Understanding Dandruff:

Dandruff is dead skin cells that fall off the scalp — especially if you scratch. You may think that a dry scalp leads to dandruff, but either a dry scalp or an oily scalp can cause excess cells to clump and fall off, forming dandruff.


Heredity, Hormonal changes (like puberty), Excess alcohol consumption, Eating high-sugar, spicy, or high-salt foods, Lack of nutrients like fatty acids and vitamin B, Stress, and certain skin condition (oily/dry). Seasonal changes and family history can also be a cause.

Shampoos are the most important products for our hair care. We at InaEssentials keep its importance seriously. We offer You a NATURAL and 100% effective SOLUTION.

InaEssentials Lavender Shampoo is a new clean formula made from natural and certified organic ingredients. Combines organic lavender oil and argan oil to balance the scalp and help treat oily hair without stripping it of its natural moisture. Enriched with Vitamins A and E and Fiji apple stem extract to nourish and soothe the scalp, and reduce irritation and excess sebum production, our shampoo gently cleanses, while naturally rejuvenating hair, making it fresh and healthy.

Natural-Lavender-Anti-Dandruff -Shampoo-for-Oily -Hair

Replace your conventional shampoo full of additives and preservatives with Natural Lavender Anti-Dandruff shampoo for oily hair with organic lavender oil. Keep it simple and natural, without using treatments, which most of the time are not even effective!

Here are our secret weapons that GUARANTEE the success of our Shampoo confirmed by all our customers that already used it.

✔️ Balances the scalp, reduces oiliness, reduces irritation

✔️ For normal to oily hair

✔️ No artificial fragrantes

✔️ No artificiales colores

✔️ No parabens

✔️ No sulfates

✔️ 100% Pleasure

Why Our Shampoo is the perfect fit? See for yourself and experience it from the ones that already used it and enjoy the magic…

Our Shampoos are designed not just to wash Your hair, but it washes your problems as well!

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Since 2021 we have the policy of "the customer is always right". This means that we offer a full refund if you are not satisfied with your products.

"A Purpose Beyond Profit: How Our Brand is Making an Impact"

At InaEssentials, we believe in giving back to the communities that have supported us. That's why we are proud to offer employment opportunities to members of minority groups, helping to support their livelihoods and provide them with a brighter future. By choosing our organic products, you are not only improving your own health and beauty, but you are also making a positive impact on the lives of others. Join us in making a difference today.