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Lavender and blueberry soap

Absolutely fantastic. Keeps my skin well balanced and hydrated. I have been using it twice a day for 3 months now. It’s perfect for a quick facial massage too. I love it.


What can I say about this fantastic company and the amazing products that I bought for my 16 year old son from the moment I placed the order to the fast delivery service I am delighted with the products for acne 1 :lavender & blueberry soap 2 : Hydrobiotic mint & lavender intensive care against acne I am using them every day for the past 10 days on my son and what a difference can highly recommend these products after using steroids for 2 years and made no difference whatsoever I have taken before pictures to show how flared up he’s skin was outstanding products and outstanding customer service Thank you from a very happy customer 💯%

Organic rose water

Absolutely amazing. Skin feels well hydrated and looks well nourished as if it drank the water. Smells devine too. It really helped my scaring following a nasty skin infection. My favourite hydrolat.

Organic peppermint water

My skin is so soft and refreshed - it feels like years have shed of my face. I use the rose water aswell and my skin is perfect! Thank you inaessentials ❤️

Heaven in a bottle!

This product is amazing 🤩 and I not only use it for my eczema on my hands but I also put it on my face from acne scars and it has them disappear!! Will be buying this again!!!

Such quick results

This is the second time I have purchased the nettle shampoo and spray and I can't believe how fast you see results , I sometimes notice my hair thinning at my hair line I think it's hormone related and when I use the shampoo and spray my hair gets thicker and I notice regrowth in about 2 weeks I highly recommend this to anyone with hair loss.

Super purchase!

I have only been using the products for a couple of weeks, but results are good so far! I have contact dermatitis and all previous brand products that I used to use would make my skin super oily, but these products are light on the skin and keep my skin hydrated! They smell super nice also!

Nice product

I have suffered with hormonal acne on and off since I was 14 (now 27). I have been on various antibiotics, the pill, accutane. My skin was fairly clear for years (with help from the pill) but when I ddcided to come off the pill recently I broke out badly. I have tried different medication including a personally prescribed one from an online dermatologist company with no real improvement and awful side effects (harsh on skin initially drying out a spot but then leaving you with sore rashy skin and a spot underneath anyway!). This product however is gentle, I have had zero side effects and for me it has really helped calm down my skin. I have also went back on the pill so unsure how much is the product how much is the pill but there is no negitives about this product and I will definitely be buying again! (photos 1 month apart)

Clearer skin

The lavender water has helped my acne prone skin, and it has controlled the hormonal breakout I use to have on my jawline. Nothing has ever helped in the past, but since using the lavender water, I feel more confident in my skin. It’s alot more clearer. My skin is less bumpy. I love it!

Lavender Water

Bought the Lavender Water set for my daughter. She has been using it for two weeks now and already we can see an improvement in her acne which is also boosting her confidence.
My only criticism would be the smell. I was expecting a lovely lavender scent, but it's quite raw not very pleasant.

Great product!

Amazing products! I can't believe hydrobiotic worked from the first time. I have sensitive skin and I applied only twice on my face. Redness and irritation are gone now. Thank you! Keep the good products on the market!

Super product

Came across this product on Facebook and as my son suffers from a skin condition I said I’d give it a try as nothing had work previously, including cream prescribed by medical professionals. It arrived promptly and within 10 days I was seeing massive improvements, it was the Camomile water and I would highly recommend it.

Very good

Bought this to help with my weak and some discoloured nails due to my under active thyroid. I am pleased there is a definite improvement and nail colour looking healthier.

Fantastic results in 2 weeks!

Very happy 22 Yr old gril! 2 weeks of intensive use of the lavender hydrolina (1 bottle per week) has achieved brilliant results. The scarring is also starting to disappear. I got me the Rose Hydrolina too. Good service and the product really does what it promises!


I use this to compliment the lavender water. It feels amazing! Not only does your skin feel refreshed and cool, it feels extra "clean"! I suffer from acne prone combination skin and horrible dust mite allergies, this usually means I have itchy and hive prone skin. As soon as I use this product my face feels calmer and the cooling effect means I don't break out into hives nor do I suffer from the itchy tingling feeling. It's a brilliant product and works so well in keeping my skin calm and me happy!

White fir water

This product perfectly compliments the lavender water which I absolutely love. It leaves my skin soft and lovely. I initially bought it to to see if it could help remove acne scars around my cheeks and forehead and it has definitely delivered. Over the course of a few weeks, my scars faded and now are barely noticeable! It also helps even out my skin tone around my lips and forehead. I definitely recommend using it.

Fantastic results in 2 weeks!

Very happy 22 Yr old daughter! 2 weeks of intensive use of the lavender water (1 bottle per week) has achieved brilliant results. The scarring is also starting to disappear. We also bought the soap but found it too drying. Good service and the product really does what it promises!

Effective gentle skincare

The organic white for water has a really nice fresh organic scent that smells so natural. It is gentle on the skin and does not cause any irritation or problems. It leaves the skin feeling soft, clean and refreshed. Lovely product and I would definitely recommend.

Great customer service

My spray lid broke on a bottle of Pine water that I had ordered before I got using it . I contacted the company and got a replacement bottle sent free . No hassle . So the five stars is for great customer service . Can’t wait the product just yet as I am using it on toe nail fungus and as they are very slow growing is going to be a while to see if it’s working .

Best Buy ever

Around Christmas time this year about 7 months ago I suffered with awful Acne on my chin and especially my cheeks and I tried a lot of things expensive things and they didn’t really work until i came across this and it worked wonders it’s the best purchase iv ever made and I still use it every morning to this day and it took 2-3 to see a difference and now i have heathy clear skin all thanks to this brand

Hair Loss Pack
Gaynor Crook
Amazing shampoo/conditioner

Love love love all the products 🥰

Hair Loss Pack
Janet Mckenzie
Wonderful products for your hair

I have been using these for a few weeks, the shampoo and conditioner has made my hair feel so clean for longer than other shampoos have.
As someone who has PCOS and is menopausal,hair thining and loss is a problem,there has been a significant reduction in my hair loss since using these,which is so good.The spray is great and leaves no feeling of stickyness or hardness . Highly recommended ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Lavender Water Set

Love this Lavender Water so was so pleased to get this special offer (Buy 2, Get 1 Free).


Have been using the hair loss pack for a couple of weeks now and WOW even after the 1st use I had less hair in my brush ! Very impressed I also get eczema in my scalp and with this shampoo and conditioner I get no flair ups ! Will not use any other on my hair now thank you one very happy customer 😀 x

Too soon to tell

I have only been using shampoo and spray for 2 weeks, I have not noticed any reduction in hair loss nor regrowth but as I say, it has only been 2 weeks. However I have notice a difference in hair texture, it feels much cleaner like the build up has been washed away. Fingers crossed I will start to notice something soon .