Organic White Pine Water against fungus - 200ml (Spray) - White pine Hydrosol
Organic White Pine Water against fungus - 200ml (Spray)
Organic White Pine Water against fungus - 200ml (Spray)

Organic White Pine Water against fungus - 200ml (Spray)

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Softens the rough skin, active against fungi and bad odors

Suitable for all types of skin

Bio product

Vegan product

No chemicals

What to expect from this product:

During the first few days of use, the problem area will begin to directly improve its overall look and feel. The itching will decrease, the inflammation and irritations will calm down noticeably.

On the second week of regular use of the product, the active ingredients of white pine will favorably affect the targeted condition.

With continued, consistent and responsible use of the product, you will notice a lasting effect. The skin will be hydrated, refreshed and healthy. Reoccurrence of discomfort will be stopped or greatly reduced.

** Results when using natural products are strictly individual. They depend on a number of factors, including the condition of your skin and body, your sensitivity to the plant and its active properties, the medical conditions you are targeting, responsible and regular application of the product, and your diet and lifestyle, among others.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Rose Connolly
Organic pine water

Absolutely brilliant, used it fir a rash & for odour. Also after a shower.. best product ever. I highly recommend stars. 100. ✨

Lisa Grouse
Acne blackheads

Brilliant stuff my son delighted with it

Maria De Barra
White Pine Water

I’m very impressed with this product. It hasn’t killed the toe nail fungus but what it has done is prevent it from spreading to new nail growing. This means that after three weeks of using the fungus is now only on the top half of my nail. This is the best product that I have used by far.

Michele Morrissey

Very good its working wonders, thankyou

Dee O Sullivan
Miracle water

My son has suffered from a fungal rash around his nose with 3 years. We have tried every cream prescribed by doctors and pharmacist of which none made any difference. One week after using pine water his nose started to clear 3 weeks on it is almost clear. Best buy I have ever made. Glad I took the chance on this product. I will definitely being buying more.