"A story of failure, success, ups and downs moments. We want to be as open as possible to our customers and make them feel like they are part of our family!"
- Veselina Ralcheva


The beginning...

Back in 1999  I was married and had 2 children. I was a music teacher and my husband was a fireman. We wanted to do more, to make a change and be different, but we didn't know what was right for us. One day my husband said to me out of nowhere "Let's grow roses and lavender". A tradition that was forgotten in our hometown. I was really skeptical, but I said " YES ". We started  as amateurs  with financial help from our parents. We invested in 4 large gardens and a small distillery. Shortly after, I was pregnant with a third child and we were really afraid of what would happen next.

Until 2007 we were unprofitable and we were really scared. I still remember my third child, Elena, asking us "Will I be poor if I buy shoes?". Our financial position was really bad. We produced great quality products, but we had no market for them.
It all changed in 2007, when Bulgaria joined the EU and we could finally find a market for our products. 2013 was the year we were finally positive 
in our bank account after starting our business 14 years earlier.

This whole experience changed our lives and made us believe that when you put all your energy, love and faith into something, it will blossom one day.


 In 2019, my son got the idea to create an online store and offer our products online under the brand  InaEssentials . Out of nowhere, orders started coming in and our family had to adapt. I quickly took over the administration, Elena and Maria - social media and customer support and my husband Nikolaj took over the production. A family business to the core :)


Since 2019, our family brand continues to grow. We are now proud to operate in 28 EU markets and offer fantastic customer support, products and fast delivery to customers across Europe.


As a mother of 3, I know very well what it means to be responsible and take care. This is also how I treat our cosmetic products. Therefore, we closed the circuit. All our products are produced from our gardens, which we grow organically. Our crops are processed in our own distillery and the final products are manufactured in our production facilities. This closed cycle was a must for me, because my name can be behind something I see from seed to final product. Something I can use with my family at home, and offer to my other family - our amazing customers!

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- Veselina Ralcheva