InaEssentials is a company committed to sustainability in every aspect of our operations. From the farming practices we use to grow our own organic crops to the packaging we use for our products, we are dedicated to minimizing our impact on the environment and promoting fair trade and responsible sourcing.

One of the ways we strive for sustainability is through our farming practices. We implement sustainable farming techniques such as conservation tillage and crop rotation to conserve resources and protect the environment. Our crops are grown in a bio-dynamic way, which means that we use natural methods to preserve and nurture our plants, such as using wild nettle extract. The nettle plants are picked at full moon as per the biodynamic way, which is believed to increase the plants’ potency and effectiveness.

We also use the residue from our essential oil crops distillation as compost for the soil, which helps to improve soil health and fertility. This allows us to produce high-quality organic crops while minimizing our impact on the environment.

In addition to our farming practices, we also support fair trade and responsible sourcing. We work closely with farmers and suppliers who use sustainable farming practices and provide fair wages and working conditions. By supporting these farmers and suppliers, we are helping to promote sustainable agriculture and improve the lives of those involved in the industry.

Finally, we are committed to using packaging that is environmentally friendly. All of the bottles for our products are recyclable, and we encourage our customers to recycle them once they are finished with the product.

Overall, InaEssentials is dedicated to sustainability in all aspects of our business. From farming practices to packaging and sourcing, we strive to minimize our impact on the environment and promote fair trade and responsible sourcing.