Organic Chamomile water - Hydrolina for eczema and irritated skin - 150ml (Hydrolat)
Organic Chamomile water - Hydrolina for eczema and irritated skin - 150ml (Hydrolat)

Organic Chamomile water - Hydrolina for eczema and irritated skin - 150ml (Hydrolat)

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Soothes the skin, helps with eczemas

Suitable for irritated and sensitive skin

Bio product

Vegan product

No chemicals

What to expect from this product:

During the first few days of use, your skin will begin to directly improve its overall appearance. Redness, inflammation and problem areas will calm down. Sores and wounds will begin to heal. You will watch your skin hydrate.

On the second week of regular use of the product, you will feel your skin simply healthy and beautiful. Minor inflammation and rashes will be significantly controlled. Redness will be evened out with the complexion of your skin.

With continued, consistent and responsible use of the product, you will notice a lasting effect. Problem areas of the skin will be restored. You will provide preliminary and long-lasting protection against their reappearance.

** Results with natural products are strictly individual. They depend on a number of factors, including the condition of your skin and body, your sensitivity to the plant and its active properties, the medical conditions you are targeting, the responsible and regular application of the product, and your diet and lifestyle, among others.

Customer Reviews

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Two products that I restock immediately when I run out of them!


I am satisfied with the organic chamomile water. It makes the skin softer and healthier. I also like the Hydrobiotic and the Black Maskina!

Chamomile water

Heya just wondering for use off roscea on jaws or cheeks is it suppose to stay getting hot while having roscea or does it calm itself down straight away thanks

Super product

Came across this product on Facebook and as my son suffers from a skin condition I said I’d give it a try as nothing had work previously, including cream prescribed by medical professionals. It arrived promptly and within 10 days I was seeing massive improvements, it was the Camomile water and I would highly recommend it.

Helena Johnson

My 3yr old started with an eczema type rash behind her knees. After a couple of weeks applying this every night it has completely gone!! Already recommending to other parents. So hard to find something that works for eczema. If I stop applying the itching does come back but I would buy/apply this until the end of time if it keeps the rash away!