Nail Fungus RoutINA™ - lasting solution for Fungus & Smelly feet
Nail Fungus RoutINA™ - lasting solution for Fungus & Smelly feet

Nail Fungus RoutINA™ - lasting solution for Fungus & Smelly feet

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☑ ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME GUARANTEE - If you use our RoutINA for 90 days and don't see a result - just write to us "REFUND" and we will refund your money without any questions asked!

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90 days routine, which solves your issue in the long run. 

  • Clinically proven results with InaEssentials® Nail Fungus RoutINA™, noticeable improvement in as little as 45 days:

  • Helps reduce nail fungus & promotes healthier skin on the feet

How your future with RoutINA looks like:

During the first month, our Nail Fungus RoutINA™ starts to work its magic. Your nails start to look healthier, and you'll notice a clear reduction in discolouration. This is because our products begin to combat the fungus, promoting healthier and clearer nails.

In the second month, we go deeper. Our Nail Fungus RoutINA™ focuses on the real root of the problem - the nail fungus bacteria. Our products work to create an environment that is hostile to fungal growth, resulting in healthier and clearer nails.

By the third month, you'll notice something amazing. Your nails begin to handle the fungus on their own. That's because our products have been training your nails, improving their natural defence mechanisms. You'll notice a significant reduction in discolouration and deformities, leading to healthier, clearer, and stronger nails. It's not just about treating nail fungus; it's about building stronger, more resilient nails.


Ditch the chemicals.

Give up products full of chemicals of unknown origin. Go back to the basics and choose the natural way for solving your skin problems.

Your nature-based new best friend.

Feel nature's delicate touch on your skin. Each product is rich in high-quality essential oils which give your skin pure, natural beauty. Crafted from handpicked herbs at our family distillery, their magic is bottled just for you.

Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews
Organic white pine warer

Very impressed with this product. My nephew has seen a big improvement with his nails

Magical spray

In addition to its effectiveness against fungus, I've discovered that this spray also works well for mosquito bites. It's quite effective, and within a minute, the itch from a mosquito bite is gone.

Hilary Smyth
Very good

Bought this to help with my weak and some discoloured nails due to my under active thyroid. I am pleased there is a definite improvement and nail colour looking healthier.

Heather Mel
Great customer service

My spray lid broke on a bottle of Pine water that I had ordered before I got using it . I contacted the company and got a replacement bottle sent free . No hassle . So the five stars is for great customer service . Can’t wait the product just yet as I am using it on toe nail fungus and as they are very slow growing is going to be a while to see if it’s working .

Zlatina Karaulanova
Excellent product!

We bought the Organic White Pine Water few weeks ago!My husband is very pleased with the results!He uses it few times a day on his feet and can see a difference !Will definitely be buying again!