Wild Nettle Water - Hydrolina for Hair Loss and Oily Hair - 150ml (Spray)
Wild Nettle Water - Hydrolina for Hair Loss and Oily Hair - 150ml (Spray)

Wild Nettle Water - Hydrolina for Hair Loss and Oily Hair - 150ml (Spray)

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Against hair loss

Suitable for all types of hair

Natural product

Vegan product

No chemicals

What to expect from this product:

Within the first few days of use, your scalp will begin to directly improve its overall look and feeling. Nettle water will actively cleanse away all the environmental pollutants and the hectic daily life impurities that have been accumulated in your hair roots and will build a protective layer. You may observe a stimulation of oiliness for a short period of time directly after use - this should not worry you, quite the contrary :) Your scalp is just looking for balance.

On the second week of regular use of the product, the active ingredients of nettle will start to accumulate in the hair follicles. You will start to notice less and less hair falling out. Remember, it is perfectly natural to lose 50 to 100 hairs a day.

With continued, consistent and responsible use of the product, you will notice a lasting effect. Your scalp will be hydrated and healthy. Hair loss will be significantly controlled. Eventually, you will notice more and more newly grown hair.

** The results when using natural products are strictly individual. They depend on a number of factors, including the condition of your skin and body, your sensitivity to the plant and its active properties, the medical conditions you are targeting, responsible and regular application of the product, and your diet and lifestyle, among others.

Customer Reviews

Based on 113 reviews
Catriona Easton
Such quick results

This is the second time I have purchased the nettle shampoo and spray and I can't believe how fast you see results , I sometimes notice my hair thinning at my hair line I think it's hormone related and when I use the shampoo and spray my hair gets thicker and I notice regrowth in about 2 weeks I highly recommend this to anyone with hair loss.

Susan McGrattan
Too soon to tell

I have only been using shampoo and spray for 2 weeks, I have not noticed any reduction in hair loss nor regrowth but as I say, it has only been 2 weeks. However I have notice a difference in hair texture, it feels much cleaner like the build up has been washed away. Fingers crossed I will start to notice something soon .

Linda Taylor

I have been using nettle shampoo, and nettle spray for three weeks. I have started seeing a difference in my hair loss(not as much) will carry on using this product. Would recommend to anyone.

Rabia Ahmad
best for hair

that is amazing product 100 % work i would recommend to everyone must use it very good for hair

Anne Mulherin
Approaching 70

I have ditched the dye! My hair is a mixture of dark brown, grey and white at the front. It can look thin too because of lack of colour. This Wild Nettle spray is a Godsend. I am on my 2nd bottle and use it evening and morning on my parting and front hairline. It is encouraging hair growth and seems to stops shedding. Wonderful and kind to hair and scalp.