Did you know that all our flower waters are hydrolates?

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What is the difference between ordinary flower water and hydrolat?

Ordinary flower water is most often a mixture of water and essential oil. In most of the cases, the oil is not soluble in water, so such products need to be treated with emulsifiers or solubilizers. This way, they end up not having the effects we want them to have. In addition, they tend to contain preservatives that are not good for our skin.

If you want to treat your skin with the best, we definitely recommend reaching for hydrolates. Hydrolate is flower water, which is created by steam distillation of the fresh leaves or flowers of the given plant.

Waters distilled in this way contain molecules of essential oils that are soluble in water and thus contain a large number of active healing properties of distilled herbs. That's why they have a much greater effect on our skin.


Really high-quality hydrolates should not contain any chemicals, nor do need any preservatives. You might be wondering how is possible that they don't spoil if they don't contain preservatives. In the case of InaEssentials hydrolates, it's simple! We distill the plants using a special technology that captures even the smallest impurities. We seal the herbal potion in a way that the air does not cause oxidation of the product. Besides that, we harvest our herbs at the perfect moment of their vegetation and at the right time of the day in order to make sure that their natural essential oil is at its highest percentage.

Of course, it is important that you do your part to keep the life of the product for as long as possible too. Our advice is to store the bottles properly once they have been opened. Direct sunlight and high heat are definitely not good for them. After all, like all cosmetics.

Another benefit of our hydrolates is that regular hydrolates are created as a "secondary" product during the distillation of essential oils. In contrast, InaEssentials hydrolates are created as the primary distillate of the plants. This means that we do not produce oil from one batch of plants and flower water from the rest, but we produce straight hydrolate from herbs. And this means only one thing - they contain an even greater amount of active and healing properties.


High-quality hydrolates serve as a pure natural tonic and contain a number of active substances that you would be hard-pressed to find even in the most expensive cosmetics.

A good, effective tonic should be part of your daily skincare routine. Tonics should be applied correctly to cleansed skin. Their task is to tone - or in other words, to prepare the skin for the next step of care. The product cleanses the skin, but above all, it softens and moisturizes the skin before applying a serum or a cream, which this way will be better-absorbed thanks to the properties of the tonic. The toner also tightens pores, brightens, and evens skin tone.

And basically, depending on which tonic you choose, it also fulfills another function. In our wide range, you will find hydrolates for various skin problems - lavender hydrolat for acne, chamomile for eczema, mint for oily skin, etc. In our offer, you will find hydrolates not only for the skin but also for the hair. At InаEssentials, everyone has the freedom to choose and find the best for their needs.

If you do not know how to choose a hydrolate, please contact our customer support. We would be more than happy to help you:

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