Nettle Water - The Natural solution against hair loss and oily hair


InaEssentials is a small family brand, which has been engaged in organic farming since 2001. However, the family started to offer its amazing organic products to the final customers in 2019. Namely due to InaEssentials the owner of the brand and mother of 3 children - Veselina Ralcheva won the price “Organic Farmer of the Year” in 2020. Together with her 3 children and her husband she was able to turn InaEssentials from a small family brand to a well-known brand in Europe, reaching 500 000 happy customers by the middle of 2021.

InaЕssentials' most wanted product

Since we created our family online store with my kids we were able to help a great number of people with our organic products, which we grow in our home town - Panagyurishte ( Bulgaria). Our organic lavender water turned out to be a huge hit against acne, our smoketree water is one of the best ways to cope with gum problems And a great number of mothers are happy with our chamomile water which helps with their kids' eczema. However, nothing can compare to InaEssentials most wanted product - the Wild Nettle water against Hair Loss and Oily hair, a product for which we are proud to be the only producers in the World.

The story of the Wild Nettle Water

Many of clients asked us for a product against hair loss and oily skin. Our family knew ideally about the amazing properties of the Wild Nettle water for these specific problems. However, in order to create it we had to go past many obstacles:

1. The Nettle is not an oil-bearing crop ❌

2. The normal Nettle water goes off really quickly ❌

3. In order to harvest enough nettle, we needed more than 200 people on the fields ❌

4. The natural scent of the product is really bad ❌

Knowing about these problems we sat down at home and were able to find a solution for each of them. To be honest we have to give a big “Thank you” to the father in our family Nikolaj, who was able to come up with a production plan, which pretty much solved all of these issues. At the end of 2020, we produced Nettle water for the next 12 months for all of our 13 international markets... Or at least that was what we thought

Inaessentials markets

The big BOOM of the Wild Nettle water against Hair loss and oily skin.

We launched our product in our native market Bulgaria, and our goal was to get feedback before we launch it in the other EU markets. However, on the very first day, we had more than 1000 orders for this product. In less than 2 weeks there were hundreds of positive comments about the product and in 2 months we sold all of our quantities in the Bulgarian market alone. The huge demand was there, however, the Nettle season had passed.

What do our clients say about the product:

We found out that hair loss and oily hair are huge problems. We also found out that Nettle water was an even better tool for coping with these problems than we initially thought. At the end of the day, the Nettle was our top-rated product in all markets.


Instead of going into details about our products, we will let our customers do it for us ^_^

The big surprise from InaEssentials

After selling out of Nettle Water, most of our customers were left unsatisfied as they were not able to get the product again as it was not available. Each week we received inquiries for the product... and Finally, the BIG WAIT is over! We were able to produce new quantities of the InaEssentials most wanted product. The organic nettle water, for us the best natural solution for hair loss and oily hair is available again and you can try it out right now.

We cherish our customers, so if you had spent the time to read this far, we would like to surprise you with a 20% discount for your first order from our family online store with promo code: 20KO.  

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  • Can you please tell me know where this is shipped from. How much it costs. And how long it takes to work.

  • Is this product readily available in Ireland and does it slow down or prevent natural hair loss in men?

    Patrick Doherty
  • Please tell me more about how to get nettle water. Thanks

  • I have an autistic daughter aged 22 years who has lovely, thick hair but unfortunately from time to time due to sensory issues she pulls it out which is very upsetting to look at when one side of her hair has bald patches and she looks like a cancer patient or someone from a war camp. It is very hard to stop her as she obviously feels she needs to do this. Given a chance her hair does grow back with lots of essential oils but this time it is looking very bald despite being soaked in coconut oils with essential oils to lessen her grip and help the hair. will your products also help please. Thanks Paula

    Paula Loughlin
  • What ingredients are in the Nettle Water,please?

    Patricia Kenny

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