Organic Peppermint Water - Hydrolina for tightening and mattifying the skin (150ml)

Organic Peppermint Water - Hydrolina for tightening and mattifying the skin (150ml)

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Product description

★ What is unique about our Organic Peppermint Water - Hydrolina is that unlike the mass-produced hydrozoles, which are a ‘’residual’’ after-product of the extracting of essential oils, the floral Peppermint water - Hydrolina of InaEssentials is an initial distillate with a high concentration of essential oil. Due to the high-level consistency of essentials oil, these floral waters are very often used for the formulation of a variety of cosmetic and therapeutic herbal products. 

  • ✔️ The best organic product for tightening and mattifying the skin
  • ✔️ Produced in a completely natural way
  • ✔️ Straight from nature
  • ✔️ Traditional Bulgarian product
  • ✔️ 100% natural
  • ✔️ 100% pleasure
  • ✔️ Refund guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product within 14 days of use  


    ⚪ Tightens and mattifies the skin - Peppermint water - Hydrolina has a toning and tightening effect on the skin, making it look more vibrant and fresh. It cleans pores in depth and regulates excess sebum in oily and combination skin.

    ⚪ Refreshes, revitalizes and soothes - the peppermint oil that is contained within the water helps against fatigue, stress, insomnia, headache, cold, nausea

    ⚪ Can be used as an aftershave - All properties of the peppermint water - Hydrolina make her the perfect means of skin care after shaving

    How to use

    You can use Peppermint water - Hydrolina for face and body cleansing. Apply a small quantity of the product on a cotton pad and apply directly to the skin. Peppermint water is suitable both for oily and mixed. ( YOU DON’T HAVE TO WASH IT OFF AFTER USE ) 

    STORAGE TIPS: InaEssentials’s floral waters (hydrolats) are pure and 100% organic products, without preservatives. To preserve their properties for a longer time, they should be stored in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight. On warm days, we even advise storing them in the refrigerator to limit the growth of microorganisms.

    About us 

    InaEssentials offers you a solution we have been working on all year long. 🤗  From the planting of our gardens through organic cultivation 🚜 all the way to the closure of the 200 ml bottle. 🔒.. which is a true gift from nature 🌳 We believe that thanks to the organic method of cultivation, Roman chamomile has retained much more than its therapeutic properties, and the water produced in a natural way from it becomes a real healing gem from nature. ✨✨✨ 

    In recent years, people have begun to turn more and more to natural products, but unfortunately, the conventional method of processing destroys more than 90% of the beneficial properties of products. We are going back to our roots and try to bring back the herbs from a time when they were used as a main source of healing. We believe that these products have the ability to solve problems permanently. While the medicaments act as a topical antibiotic and the effect disappears when stopped, floral waters solve the problems in the long run.

    We believe in the qualities of our organic hydrosols. Give us a chance and we promise you that we won't let you down💟

    - From the Ralchevi family, the manufacturers of Inaessentials products 👪


    We are now offering the option to get your money back without even returning the product. If you are not satisfied with the effect of your product, you can simply write to us on Facebook, or email us at and we will refund your amount by money transfer via PayPal or Bank.


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews
    Pauline Cody
    Peppermint water

    Loving my Rose Water so much I decided to try Peppermint Water for a change and love that also. While the Rose Water is soft on my skin the Peppermint tightens my skin. I use the Rose in the morning and the Peppermint in the evening. Fabulous products and super fast shipping.

    Evgeniia Akulova
    Super natural lotion

    Super natural lotion

    David smyth

    Absolutely delighted with my product and will be purchasing again

    Noreen Woods

    It has a lovely refreshing Smell and Feel on my Face. My Skin feels soft but not Dry. I will be buying it again.

    Pamela Dermott

    Organic Peppermint Water for tightening and mattifying the skin (200ml)