How a small organic cosmetics Brand reached more than 500 000 Clients in the EU

How a small organic cosmetics Brand reached more than 500 000 Clients in the EU

INAESSENTIALS is a small family business that has been engaged in organic farming in Bulgaria since 2000. Back then my husband and I started our organic farming journey as amateurs and we didn't understand much, but we had a vision and a strong belief that what we do is right. We have been close to bankruptcy several times and the road we have taken has been full of difficulties.Today we are reaping the fruits of years of consistency and hard work and with the help of our 3 children, we are developing faster than ever. Thanks to our joint efforts, our small family project - Inaessentials is now a recognizable brand in 10 countries, and we recently registered a client number of 200,000.

The Ralchevi family


The history of the Inaessentials brand actually begins long before 2019. Back in 2011, we had an awful lot of friends who had tried our products and kept telling us that our lavender water was magical and they have never seen anything like it. I remember a friend carrying a homemade pie after her daughter cleared her face with lavender water just before her prom.

We've been trying ever since, but we didn't know how to reach more people. Fortunately, in 2019, our son Vasil, who was studying in the United Kingdom (Reading University) at the time, created our first Facebook page and showed us how we can showcase our products to more people. In the beginning, there was no big effect, as we gave 15£ per day for advertising and we had 1 or 2 orders, until a week later when someone wrote a comment under one of our posts saying that the product had a great effect on her skin. After about a month, our first post had more than 20 positive comments, which had a huge effect.


We allowed ourselves to run 2 more posts with ads and the same thing happened. My husband kept telling me how our son was a marketing genius, but much later we realized that people trust us not because of advertising, but because we are.

Биологичните продукти на Inaessentials

2020 and the 6 new countries

At the end of 2019, we already knew we had something big. Calls every day from satisfied customers, hundreds of messages a week… All relatives told us to try the European market. Again the children began to research and finally settled on an option - working with a logistics warehouse in the country and a site: inaessentials in each country. The first was Germany, where we also published our story. We were shocked by the effect ... for a month the results in Germany were equal to those in Bulgaria from February to December 2019.


Seeing that this model works, we decided to take a risk and invested everything we had gained so far in the strategy to reach new markets. And so inaessentials / uk / sk / de / ro happened. Great Britain, Germany, Austria, Romania, Slovakia and Greece followed Bulgaria and we started reading thanks in all languages.



All this was like a dream come true for us, but we also began to feel a great responsibility. The new challenge was to maintain our quality of service, which has always been a priority for us. To this day, only we personally (me, my son and my daughter) respond to all messages on Facebook and Instagram, because we know that personal attitude is important and although it takes time, we believe it is worth it.

Веселина Ралчева биопродукти

How we give back

We do not take everything that happens to us for granted and we constantly try to give back and help. We currently support more than 30 minority families, by not mechanizing many of our land activities and doing those by hand in order to provide them with work. Most of our lavender plants are still harvested by hand. Wild smoke tree and nettle are also collected by hand. We hire over 100 people to pick roses by hand. We give to these people and they give back and this has been and will be our company philosophy.

We want to give back now as well

If you are currently our customer or you are just finding our about our small family brand, it will mean a lot to us if you give us a chance and try our products, which you can see: HERE

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Since 2021 we have the "customer is always right" policy. This means that we offer a full refund if you are not happy with your products :)


"A Purpose Beyond Profit: How Our Brand is Making an Impact"

At InaEssentials, we believe in giving back to the communities that have supported us. That's why we are proud to offer employment opportunities to members of minority groups, helping to support their livelihoods and provide them with a brighter future. By choosing our organic products, you are not only improving your own health and beauty, but you are also making a positive impact on the lives of others. Join us in making a difference today.