ACNE - How a small family brand helped over 25 000 teenagers in the UK & Ireland get rid of it

ACNE - How a small family brand helped over 25 000 teenagers in the UK & Ireland get rid of it

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Hello, I'm Veselina Ralcheva. My journey into the world of natural skincare didn't begin with my own child, but with a desperate plea from another mother in my town. Her story struck a chord deep within me. That’s how mother’s love brought back the smile on 50 000+ teenagers suffering from acne.

It was 2019 when a friend of mine came home and asked me for our homemade lavender water, as her daughter had her prom in 2 weeks and she was really struggling with acne. Ance which damaged her confidence and self-esteem. She had heard from others to whom I have given the lavender water, that it really helps.

Her daughter was facing more than just acne. She was battling the fear and embarrassment that came with it. With a school prom around the corner, she was hiding at home, too ashamed to step out because of her blemished skin.

The Miraculous Transformation...

2 days before the prom she came back with a homemade cake and her eyes alight with gratitude. She showed me her daughter's before and after photos. The lavender water made a difference beyond what I have seen myself. She called it a 'miracle water' and her story spread, igniting a wave of curiosity in the whole town. I knew how it helped my kids but I had never seen it for people who have big problems with that

This was shocking for me! And this realisation hit me: Оur lavender held the power to change lives. It marked the beginning of a new mission for InaEssentials –  to bring this natural solution from our fields to families everywhere, turning despair into hope.

Girl with Lavender Hydrolina

The magical plant…

was in our hands all the time literally. The power of lavender, a natural wonder often overlooked in the skincare world. This was more than a discovery. It was a family's answer to a problem faced by thousands. Lavender, with its soothing and antibacterial properties, was our beacon of hope, backed by our deep understanding of organic cultivation.

Our Lavender and what is unique about it…

At full moon, we gather nettle, which we use as the main ingredient for our decoction. This decoction banishes all diseases and preserves the therapeutic properties of lavender plantations, which we believe are transmitted in our lavender water. One of these properties is its unique effect against acne, something that no other hydrosol on the market hasOur unique formulation, born from our family's expertise and love for natural solutions, was the key to unlocking a new realm of skincare.


The real work had just started… We had the product and we knew it was working but how could we help as many people as possible? We started with no grand expectations. It all started with a simple ad, created by our son while he was a marketing student. As the positive word spread, orders surged, and our humble home setup quickly evolved.

To this day, our family – myself, my son, and my daughters – personally respond to the messages we receive. This personal touch has fostered a community of over 10,000 satisfied customers, each sharing their positive experiences with our organic products.

500 000+ Clients

Our confidence in our lavender water led us to offer a bold promise: a full refund if our customers don't see results. This commitment to satisfaction has resonated deeply, with over 110,000 bottles shipped and a super small return rate that speaks volumes about our product's effectiveness. Our journey with InaEssentials has since reshaped the lives of over 500,000 teenagers across Europe while maintaining the heart and soul of a family-run business. Now our products are finally available in the USA.

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Currently we are working with a logistics center in Ireland and all orders are delivered in 24-48 hours. 

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We've worked tirelessly to keep our solution within reach, but the tides are changing. Rising demand and costs mean we can't hold these prices forever. If you're ready to make a change in your or your child's life, the time is now. We have started with this way of thinking about our business and we will follow it along the way. 

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"A Purpose Beyond Profit: How Our Brand is Making an Impact"

At InaEssentials, we believe in giving back to the communities that have supported us. That's why we are proud to offer employment opportunities to members of minority groups, helping to support their livelihoods and provide them with a brighter future. By choosing our organic products, you are not only improving your own health and beauty, but you are also making a positive impact on the lives of others. Join us in making a difference today.