ACNE - How a small family brand helped over 25 000 teenagers in the UK & Ireland get rid of it

ACNE - How a small family brand helped over 25 000 teenagers in the UK & Ireland get rid of it

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A problem that every teenager faces. Big brands offer solutions, and some are more expensive, some are cheaper, but they all have one thing in common: They don't solve the problem. At the beginning of 2019, after we did some tests and sent lavender water to many of our relatives and friends with similar problems, we were astonished by the fact that all of them started calling and thanking us. This was the moment that we decided to launch our product online.

Fortunately, our children were quite familiar with the technologies and helped us to make it happen. If we fast forward to today, we will see how from an unknown product our lavender water has become the highest-rated and most effective product against acne in Bulgaria and in 2020 also in other counties in Europe. However, behind all these wonderful stories lie years of hard work.

More about us

We are a family business that has been engaged in organic farming since the year 2000. We started as amateurs but with great enthusiasm. Today, even though our business has grown, we are constantly trying to improve. We took such a step in February 2019 when we decided to launch our products on the local market with the help of our children. An idea that today has become a success all over Europe and thanks to which I was voted Organic Producer of the Year.


We started without expectations… Our son made the website Inaessentials while studying marketing and advertising at the University of Reading – UK. He decided to test and ran an ad on Facebook. In the beginning, there wasn’t a big effect, as we spent 15£ per day on advertising and we had 1 or 2 orders. Everything changed after a week when comments from satisfied customers started to appear under the ads.

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After about a month, our first advertisement had more than 20 positive comments, which had a huge effect. We decided to run 2 more ads, and the same thing happened. At one point, we realized that not only teenagers but people of all ages use our lavender water against acne, and they were all more than satisfied with the results. We had to make a lot of changes… At one point, the orders reached 30 lavender water bottles per day. At this time, we were filling all the bottles at a homemade laboratory from a jug. This was also the moment when we decided to buy a filling and labelling machine. After a month, we had to rent and equip a room for filling and labelling, and very soon after that, we had to hire 2 employees to help us run the online store.

We imposed some internal rules from the beginning: The main one was: The customer should always be satisfied, even when he is not. After 1000 sold water and not a single complaint, we decided to change our ads and now we offer a free refund of the full amount for the order if there is no effect from our organic products. This move turned out to be very good for the brand, as it made new customers try the product, without any risk. Today we have over 110,000 lavender waters shipped to customers and only 164 returned, which tells us a lot about their effect.

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What happened in 2020?

At the end of 2019, we already knew we have something big. Calls every day from satisfied customers, hundreds of messages a week… All our relatives told us to try on the European market. Our children started questioning, researching, and finally decided to working with a logistics warehouse in the respective country and a site: inaessentials in each country. We were shocked by the effect ... for a month the results in Germany were equal to those in Bulgaria from February to December 2019.

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Seeing that this model works, we decided to take a risk. And so inaessentials / uk / sk / de / ro were created. Great Britain, Germany, Austria, Romania, Slovakia and Greece followed Bulgaria and we started reading thanks in all languages. All this was like a dream come true for us, but we also began to feel a great responsibility. The new challenge was to maintain our quality of service, which has always been a priority for us.

To this day, only we personally (me, my son and daughter) respond to all messages on Facebook and Instagram, because we know that personal attitude is very important and although it takes time, we believe it is worth it. Proof of this is more than 10,000 positive comments about our lavender water against acne, smoke tree water for inflamed gums, clary sage water against dandruff and chamomile for eczema.

What is so unique about our product?

The main difference with us is that we take care of our lavender gardens in a completely different way. Our yield is 2 times lower than the average, but the quality is incomparable, and this is what customers praise the most. This is because despite being organically certified, we do not even allow ourselves to use organic fertilizers or sprays. The only thing we treat our fields with is our "secret" decoction, which is made according to a biodynamic recipe.

At full moon, we gather nettle, which we then use as the main ingredient for our decoction. This decoction banishes all diseases and preserves the therapeutic properties of lavender plantations, which we believe are transmitted in our lavender water. Our beliefs are that one of these properties is its unique effect against acne that our lavender water has, something that no other hydrosol on the market has.

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We do not focus on turnover, but on having satisfied and loyal customers. We have started with this way of thinking about our business and we will follow it along the way. If you also want to try our organic lavender water against acne, you can do it HERE. We are currently working with a logistics center in Ireland and all orders are delivered in 24 hours via the courier: AnPost. You will also receive a promo code for a 20% discount for your first order, which is: ina20

You can also check out the other products from our home farm in Bulgaria, which also have amazing natural healing properties.

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At InaEssentials, we believe in giving back to the communities that have supported us. That's why we are proud to offer employment opportunities to members of minority groups, helping to support their livelihoods and provide them with a brighter future. By choosing our organic products, you are not only improving your own health and beauty, but you are also making a positive impact on the lives of others. Join us in making a difference today.